Bad News for Winter Camping on Lake Lanier

Unfortunately, on Friday, April 20, 2018, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) released bad news for winter camping on Lake Lanier.

Our friends with the USACE who oversee the parks and campsites on Lake Lanier released a statement saying winter camping will cease for the 2018-2019 season at two campgrounds.

To our winter campers, we have unfortunate news.

While we are still a long ways off, Lake Lanier has decided to not keep open Bolding Mill and Sawnee Campgrounds for the Winter of 2018/19.  The campgrounds will close entirely on November 30th and reopen March 1st.

This is due to multiple factors, including low turnout, high maintenance and a need to give our dump stations time to settle from the heavy use these campgrounds receive. While we appreciate the campers who came out to winter camp at Lake Lanier, we can no longer support a winter campground operation at this time.

The closure of these two popular sites for winter camping on Lake Lanier is unfortunate.  Perhaps there will come a time when USACE will be able to reopen these parks, while balancing maintenance costs with sufficient numbers of campers.

Please enjoy Bolding Mill and Sawnee Campgrounds for the 2018 season before it ends on Friday, November 30th.

Bolding Mill Campground

Sawnee Campground

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(3) Comments

  1. Mary Ann Galvin

    Oh no.. will there be any campgrounds open all year on Lake Lanier?

  2. Anonymous

    So the Corp says it will close Nov.30 but you say they close Sept.30.
    Just wondering.

    1. Robert Sutherland


      Thank you for bringing that error to our attention. The correct dates are now posted.


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