Lake Lanier Campgrounds

The beauty of more than a dozen Lake Lanier campgrounds will make you feel sorry for those who live in the bland, corny, square-shaped states in the Midwest.

Bald Ridge Creek Campgrounds ~~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

With almost 700-miles of shoreline, Lanier is pretty enough to just stare at for a few hours — watching boats and skiers flow by … and fisherpeople land lunkers as big as your left leg.

Sit as long as you’d like.  Then, get into the action yourself outside, where you belong.  Camping!

Live like the pioneers who crossed those boring states in America’s midsection, living off the land in covered wagons.

Or, leave your $500,000 recreational vehicle and drive your spare car into town for a gourmet meal and something bubbly with your favorite camper.

Campgrounds on Lake Lanier can be found on

  • the north end of the lake at Don Carter State Park
  • the south end of Lanier at Sawnee
  • on the western shore at Bald Ridge Campgrounds and
  • near Buford on the eastern side of Lanier at Van Pugh South.

Choose from “primitive camping” at a secluded hideaway a mile or two from a snazzy outlet mall to the lakeside Sawnee Campgrounds not far from Atlanta.

There’s a spot you will love to pop up your tent.   There’s also room for you to mash your clicker to zap the power-operated awning on your motor home into place before you adjust your satellite TV dish.

Lake Lanier Campgrounds

Descriptions of All Lake Lanier Campgrounds

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