Parks on Lake Lanier

The sandy white beach at Don Carter State Park ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

The sandy white beach at Don Carter State Park is a jewel among the parks on Lake Lanier. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Lake Lanier might only be the second prettiest lake in North America.  Up in Canada’s Yukon Territory there’s a spectacular spot on the Alaska Highway where you will find Muncho Lake, surrounded by white-capped mountains perfectly reflected in the still water.

Yes, Muncho Lake is more beautiful than Lake Lanier.  Too bad it’s a jillion miles away, usually a hundred degrees below zero and it’s only 12 kilometers (seven football fields) long.

That’s why you should spend time at the parks on Lake Lanier for your next vacation, instead of driving 5,168 kilometers to Muncho Lake.

The only trouble you will have is trying to decide which of the parks on Lake Lanier is your favorite.  We have the “take a kid fishing from the shore” parks and “camp in your giant bus” parks and “rough it in a tent” parks.  Have a family reunion at one of the sturdy pavilions or have a romantic meal at a lakeside picnic table alone.  There’s a location you will love on Lake Lanier.

Lake Lanier has almost 700 miles of shoreline in Northeast Georgia.  Several cities and counties manage parks on Lake Lanier, along with the State of Georgia and the US Army Corps of Engineers.  We love the friendly competition between these agencies — each trying to have the most perfect place for visitors and residents.

With all those folks kindly running the facilities, there is not one single pass that will provide admission to all parks.  Most recreation areas are operated by the Corps of Engineers and they sell annual passes, so that will help.

Click Here for Corps of Engineers Park Passes

Overview of Parks on Lake Lanier:

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