You’re making car payments on a dented Yugo.  Your kids demand new iPhones.  One spouse wants a Harley and one wants designer curtains.  Pffft.  You can still afford to spend time at the parks on Lake Lanier!

Watch the sun set at parks on Lake Lanier. ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

You don’t have to be rich to live like a king at any of the parks on Lake Lanier.  Talk about cheap thrills.

You don’t need to pay $500 to fuel up your gargantuan RV (“rolling village”) to play with your dog, grill a few burgers and relax for free.

Don’t have six months to hike the Appalachian Trail?  Not a problem.

Plenty of parks on Lake Lanier have trails through the woods — with restrooms nearby, instead of getting up close and personal with a pine cone behind a tree.

Lake Lanier has “take a kid fishing from the shore” parks and “snarf down your lunch” parks.  Have a family reunion at one of the sturdy pavilions or have a romantic meal at a lakeside picnic table alone.  There’s a park for almost everything along Lake Lanier’s almost 700 miles of shoreline.

Sorry, there is not one single pass that will provide admission to all parks.  That’s because some are operated by towns, counties, the state and the federal government.  You’ll have to see who maintains the ones you visit most often, and get annual passes for your favorites.  Most recreation areas are operated by the Corps of Engineers and they sell annual passes, so that will help.

Overview of Parks on Lake Lanier:

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