5th Annual Chattahoochee Mountain Music Festival

The Friends of Don Carter State Park on Lake Lanier will hold the 5th Annual Chattahoochee Mountain Music Festival on Saturday, November 2, 2019 from noon until 6 PM.

Please Note: We regret to inform you that the reprise of the Woodstock festival has been canceled because of about a zillion reasons. Thank you.

That will give you plenty of time to attend the 50th anniversary of the original Woodstock Music & Arts Fair that every wannabe hippie supposedly attended, but didn’t. It’s a bit like the snooty folks who claim their ancestors crossed the pond on the Mayflower. There are longer houseboats on Lake Lanier than the Mayflower. All those forefathers couldn’t have fit on a Disney cruise. But I digress…

Don Carter State Park is hidden away from Clarks Bridge Road (Hwy 284) at 5000 N Browning Bridge Road in Gainesville, Georgia (30506). Hidden, as in you’ll never figure out where to turn off Clarks Bridge without a GPS on your first trip to this exceptional natural playground.

Come enjoy an afternoon at the park, as we celebrate our 5th annual music festival to highlight and benefit Don Carter State Park! There will be food, arts & crafts vendors, and of course, live bluegrass music!

This event is FREE to attend, and patrons only need to pay $5 when entering the park to enjoy any of the many amenities they offer. Don’t forget to stop by the visitor’s center and ask about becoming a member of Friends of Don Carter State Park!


Shaky Willow Music by the Wilkie Family at the 2014 Chattahoochee Mountain Music Festival at Don Carter State Park ~~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

This is America. You would have been free to drive 900 miles (each way) to hear a bunch of musicians who weren’t alive in 1969, including Miley Cyrus, at the revival of Woodstock.

Now, you can saunter up Lake Lanier by boat or car to hear dandy bluegrass with people you wouldn’t be afraid to introduce to your family.

The 5th Annual Chattahoochee Mountain Music Festival in November will be WAY more fun than sailing the Atlantic on the Mayflower or standing in the rain with a zillion hungry, wet hippies with nowhere to (powder your nose).

Better music too.

5th Annual Chattahoochee Mountain Music Festival

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