The Great American Solar Eclipse is Coming!

Great American Solar Eclipse 8-21-17

Where will you be when the sun goes out on Monday, August 21, 2017, during the Great American Solar Eclipse?  Cowering in your basement?  Hiding under your desk at work?  Or will you <cough, cough> call in sick and go outside to watch the sun go dark?

Our savvy pals at are SO ready for this eclipse.  “Totality begins at 2:34 PM!”

Why do they care?  Simple.  They’re in one of the perfect places in America to watch this spectacular event.

Miss this total eclipse and you’ll have to travel to southern Alabama on August 12, 2045.  The next blackout of the sun that you can see in North Georgia?  May 11, 2078.  That’s a Wednesday, in case you want to plan ahead to get the day off 61 years from now.

Don’t miss this chance to watch the sun turn darker than your ex’s heart right before your eyes.  Except for the fact that you really can’t actually look at it, or you will go blind.  Not to worry, folks will have all sorts of gizmos for sale to protect your peepers.

You still have some time to figure out what kind of illness or bizarre disease you “might” contract in order to miss work on August 12th.  Here’s a good place to start your search.

Yes, our the brilliant stars at the Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce even know where you can buy a T-shirt to commemorate the Great American Solar Eclipse.

If you don’t want to follow the sun way up north to Blairsville, you might be able to rent a dandy party boat and cruise with your friends — when the sun goes dark over Lake Lanier.

Click Here for Boat Rentals from Port Royale Marina on Lake Lanier

What to Do in Blairsville During the Great American Solar Eclipse


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