No More Swimming at Margaritaville [Landshark Landing]

Gwinnett County, GA – Margaritaville at Lanier Islands has announced that they will no longer allow swimming in Lake Lanier. The decision has been met with disappointment from longtime visitors, who have enjoyed swimming at their Landshark Landing beach for years.

The ban on swimming is due to safety concerns. In a statement, Margaritaville said that they “take the safety of our guests very seriously.” They cited the number of drownings that have occurred in Lake Lanier in recent years as a reason for the ban at Landshark Landing

A fence now rings the beach access area to prevent swimming.

The decision has been met with mixed reactions from the public. Some people support the ban, saying that it is necessary to keep people safe. Others are disappointed, saying that they will no longer be able to swim at the beach.

Margaritaville is not the only water park that has banned swimming in Lake Lanier. White Water Atlanta also banned swimming in 2019. The decision was made after a number of drownings occurred at the park.

The ban on swimming is a significant change for the area. Landshark Landing is a popular destination for swimming

The decision to ban swimming in Lanier Islands is a complex one. There are safety concerns to consider, but there are also economic and recreational impacts to consider.

Here are some additional details from the sources you provided:

  • Fox 5 Atlanta: The article quotes a woman from Gwinnett County who is disappointed by the ban. She says that she has been swimming at Landshark Landing for years and that it is her favorite place to cool off.
  • WSBTV: The article quotes a spokesperson for Margaritaville who says that the decision to ban swimming was made after careful consideration. They say that they want to ensure the safety of their guests.
  • Dawson News: The article quotes a local resident who says that the ban on swimming is a “disappointment.” They say that it will make it harder for people to enjoy the lake.

The ban on swimming in Lanier Island is a significant change for the area, particularly for those used to swimming at the Landshark Landing access point.

Can You Still Swim on Lake Lanier?

The answer is YES, you can still swim on Lake Lanier. This ban only relates to the Landshark Landing beach area at Lanier Islands, a popular swimming spot.

Swimming Spot Alternatives to Landshark Landing

If Landshark Landing has been your go-to for years, consider some of these nearby access points:

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