Everyone should know the answers to two questions.  “Where is Buford Dam Park?” and “How long did the Hundred Years War last?”

Let’s see how you did.  The Hundred Years War began in 1337 and endured until 1453.  That’s 116 years.  You knew that, right?

Here’s the biggie.  Where is Buford Dam Park?

Ready?  It’s near Buford Dam on Lake Lanier!

Buford Dam Park

In spite of failed efforts to change its name to Buford Dang Park, this unique locale is best appreciated by those who won’t be too worried that the dam will fail and they’ll be violently swept downstream by a zillion-jillion gallons of rushing water.

Don’t worry!  That probably won’t ever happen.  Probably.

If you’re new to the area, Buford Dam is at the south end of Lake Lanier.  (Actually, it’s on the south end of Lake Lanier, even if you’ve lived here all your life.)

Buford Dam Park has pavilions that are ideal for family reunions, birthday parties or company gatherings.

Buford Dam Beach

Buford Dam has a fairly small beach area in a relatively protected cove.

While smaller than some other Lake Lanier beaches, Buford Dam Beach is ideal for families as it’s a sort of ringed enclosure and no boats or jet skis are allowed in the area. A great calm and mellow area, unlike many other crowded beach areas on Lake Lanier. A hidden gem!

There’s a $4 per car fee entry.

Shelter Rental Information at Buford Dam Park

RESERVATIONS for shelters can be made by going online to www.recreation.gov or calling 1 (877)-444-6777.  Reservations can be made from March through September.   

RESERVATION FEES are charged to offset the cost of operating the shelters.  Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).  Payment of the reservation fee does not include day use fees at selected parks.

SHELTER CAPACITY is limited to the maximum number of people allowed.

Sorry, even if your family is a circus, the setup of carnival type equipment is not allowed.

Buford Dam Trails

Laurel Ridge Trail goes through Buford Dam Park and continues through Powerhouse Park and Lower Overlook.  Along the 3.8-mile trail you can glimpse beautiful views of the lake, woodland and river scenery, as well as rare wildflowers and a variety of wildlife.  The trail winds through several park areas, along the lake’s shoreline and the banks of the Chattahoochee River.

Buford Dam Fishing Pier

There’s also an excellent fishing pier located close by (with a separate parking lot off the main access road). This is one of the top fishing spots on Lake Lanier and worth checking out. 

Pets are prohibited throughout the Buford Dam Park area.

Lake Lanier Parks Information

(19) Comments

  1. Jeff j

    No pets

  2. floater

    Paid to park, floated the river and then drove back to drop off my son to pick his car and ranger told me i had to pay. Seriously, sux. I’m trying to find a guideline or regulation regarding this rule. Anyone?

    1. Liz

      I always ask the rangers about this before I leave— in any park. Some places will take note of the date on your receipt, and others will charge you every time you go through the gate. I don’t know the rules, but I always ask before I plan and in and out errand.

  3. Jack Bisikirski

    Wow, talk about being snarky folks. Dogs should be allowed on a leash at lake Lanier. Children should know not to play or step in scat. Parents should teach them what to look out for. There are plenty of wild animals all over the area that scat on the trails at Lake Lanier.

    1. Amy

      I agree, we brought our dog and was disappointed when we saw “no pets” it’s a park…. outside… so ridiculous dogs aren’t aloud. If you have an issue with dogs go hangout at the mall or movies. Not an outside park.

      1. Robert Sutherland


        Thanks for sharing your comments.

        I regret that public parks with rules that don’t allow pets disappoint you.

        There are times when pet lovers allow their animals to roam free and leave waste in public parks. That disappoints me.

        Thanks again.


  4. Teddy Watkins

    does this park have bbq grills?

  5. Kristin Cook

    Haha! ????

  6. Lilly Swagmire

    We are doing a PBL (project based learning) project, and we have to create a campaign and solution(stopping erosion) to improve the quality of Lake Lanier as it pertains to wildlife, recreation, community improvment, etc. Any suggestions???

    1. gman2

      Go to Dawson Forest Rd. off going north 400 then turn right then another right on #53 and about a mile on your right the hwy crosses a small arm of the lake. The water has turned pure red from the run off of the shopping center construction back at the intersection from whence you came.

  7. Retha Sonya Godbey

    is there a playground?

  8. Steven Clark

    Sam, I’m sorry. Try it now. I made it public.

  9. Heather Sampson

    What time does the Buford Dam Park open?

  10. Frank

    When does the park start staying open past 5pm again ?

  11. Anonymous

    Can the interagency pass (“America the Beautiful” pass) be used here?

    1. Robert Sutherland


      Yes the America the Beautiful Interagency Pass is good at Corps of Engineers Parks.

      “The Interagency Senior Pass is valid for entrance fees
      and standard amenity recreation day use fees for all
      federal recreational lands and waters (Federal Agencies:
      BLM, USBR, FWS, USFS, NPS, and USACE).
      Valid for lifetime of the holder of the pass.
      Holders of this pass will also receive 50% discount on
      fees at USACE-operated campgrounds.”


  12. Robert Sutherland


    According to the information in this link, a play area is available at Buford Dam Park.


  13. Gina Herring

    I am interested in camping and also kayaking on Chattahoochee River. Is there a shuttle service nearby? So I can bring my kayak. Also, any recommendations for a campground.

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