Buford Dam Park

Buford Dam Park

Trying to find Buford Dam Park is like figuring out who is buried in Grant’s Tomb.

Buford Dam Park is located on the south end of Lake Lanier near (ready?) Buford Dam!

There is a fee to enter the park: $4 per vehicle and $1 for pedestrians.

This park is a popular spot for small picnics and large groups too.  Pavilions are available for rent.  As of June, 2015, the fee was $90/day, which is subject to change.

This beautiful recreation area has areas for basketball, volleyball and swimming, in addition to pleasant picnic tables for a meal or relaxing with a good book.

Laurel Ridge Trail goes through Buford Dam Park and continues through Powerhouse Park and Lower Overlook.  Along the 3.8-mile trail you can glimpse beautiful views of the lake, woodland and river scenery, as well as rare wildflowers and a variety of wildlife.  The trail winds through several park areas, along the lake’s shoreline and the banks of the Chattahoochee River.

Pets are prohibited at this park.

  • Jeff j

    No pets

  • floater

    Paid to park, floated the river and then drove back to drop off my son to pick his car and ranger told me i had to pay. Seriously, sux. I’m trying to find a guideline or regulation regarding this rule. Anyone?

    • Liz

      I always ask the rangers about this before I leave— in any park. Some places will take note of the date on your receipt, and others will charge you every time you go through the gate. I don’t know the rules, but I always ask before I plan and in and out errand.

  • Ryan

    I hope they don’t allow kids. Nobody needs their dogs barking at annoying children.

    • Kristin Cook

      Haha! ????

  • docholiday

    Racoons deer fox ducks opossum geese etc are not house broken. So what’s a little or a lot of dog poo. Teach your kids where to walk and by the way if they do step in something , wash there dirty little feet off in the lake. Merry Christmas…….

  • Leah

    So you are saying that its be better if no children are aloud and teach them where to walk?, tf…. thats just so ignorant, first of all its the owners responsibility to pick after ur dog simple as that. But why are u going to have a dog if u are a lazy owner. Even adults have accidentally stepped on that stuff.

  • Jack Bisikirski

    Wow, talk about being snarky folks. Dogs should be allowed on a leash at lake Lanier. Children should know not to play or step in scat. Parents should teach them what to look out for. There are plenty of wild animals all over the area that scat on the trails at Lake Lanier.

  • Teddy Watkins

    does this park have bbq grills?

  • Lilly Swagmire

    We are doing a PBL (project based learning) project, and we have to create a campaign and solution(stopping erosion) to improve the quality of Lake Lanier as it pertains to wildlife, recreation, community improvment, etc. Any suggestions???

    • gman2

      Go to Dawson Forest Rd. off going north 400 then turn right then another right on #53 and about a mile on your right the hwy crosses a small arm of the lake. The water has turned pure red from the run off of the shopping center construction back at the intersection from whence you came.

  • Steven Clark

    Great view of the dam:


    • Sam

      Video is private.

      • Steven Clark

        Sam, I’m sorry. Try it now. I made it public.

  • Retha Sonya Godbey

    is there a playground?

  • Heather Sampson

    What time does the Buford Dam Park open?