Celebrate Shore Sweep’s 30th Birthday Party

It’s hard to believe the brainchild of the Lake Lanier Association is getting so old.  Come celebrate Shore Sweep’s 30th birthday with a party on August 25, 2018, at Lake Lanier Olympic Park.

Lake Lanier Association Executive Director Joanna Cloud has 30 years of memories to reflect upon and to build upon.

She has led thousands of volunteers … for decades … who have filled a zillion trash bags with junk that careless visitors left behind after a nice day on the lake.

How do you celebrate the removal of 1,000 TONS of trash from Lake Lanier?  With a party!

Shore Sweep is already the biggest cleanup event in Georgia.  Now it’s the most fun event too.

Former, current and future Shore Sweep volunteers are invited to attend the Trash Bash at Lake Lanier Olympic Park, where the popular Fly Betty Band will keep everyone entertained.  The fun begins at about 1 PM and will continue until at least 4 PM, with music, food and new friends.

Wear your oldest Shore Sweep T-shirt to win prizes and inspire others to get a little dirty with their friends for the benefit of Lake Lanier.

While you’re there, sign up for this year’s Shore Sweep that’s scheduled for Saturday, September 15, 2018, from 8 AM until 1 in the afternoon.  Can’t make it on the 15th?  Not a problem.  You can help with the preparation for Shore Sweep 2018.

Celebrate Shore Sweep’s 30th Birthday Party


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