Gridlife at Road Atlanta ~ Where EDM Meets RPMs

Gridlife at Road Atlanta is easy to explain.  Just imagine a fleet of swoopy cars drifting through the curves on one of the galaxy’s best road courses during the day.  When the sun sets, EDM rules the night, August 24-26, 2018.

Did we lose you at “EDM?”  No, it’s not something you take a pill to correct and it’s not an abbreviation for a master’s degree in education.

EDM stands for “electronic dance music.”  Most of us over 35 define EDM as “noise with an insanely repetitive thumping beat that shakes my house … so GET OFF MY LAWN!”

Drift at Gridlife at Road Atlanta ~~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

The official definition is “popular music intended for dancing to in clubs, typically having a repetitive beat and a synthesized backing track.”  Also known as noise.

Hey.  If you can stand the sound of screaming tires, revved-up engines and crazed dudes at the track all day, what’s the problem with a little EDM at night?

Unless, of course, you live in any of the hundreds of McMansions built all around the track and the music drives you mad.  If they’re rich enough, homeowners can always hire someone to cover their ears with rented hands — between fill ups of iced tea and crumpets.

Obviously, all this loud action costs a few bucks to witness in person, unless you have the chance to get too close to a 747 about to take off.

Road Atlanta hosts GRIDLIFE: 3 days of music, camping and complete automotive immersion … with a new multi genre music lineup, more pro drivers, cool interactive features, and more on track excitement than ever before.

On track action includes round 4 of the #GRIDLIFE Track Battle Time Attack and HPDE along with Drifting on the big course.  Off track the #GRIDLIFE Showcase & Meet will feature the best builds from around the country, multiple interactive experiences, and a massive vendor village.

All of this capped off with the #AFTERGRID Music festival showcasing some of the best emerging and established artists each night in the paddock. Don’t miss out on the automotive event of the year.

The best part?  Road Atlanta owns the track, so nobody can tell you to get off their lawn.

Until the event is over on Sunday.  Then you’ll have to find a new place to party with your new pals.

Gridlife at Road Atlanta

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