Pig Tales on Lake Lanier ~ My New Favorite

Pig Tales on Lake Lanier is my new favorite restaurant.  It’s everything I ever hoped to find (well, almost) for fantastic food right on the lake.

The same folks who own Fish Tales at Hideaway Bay Marina — one of my previous favorite restaurants — own Pig Tales.

Pig Tales on Lake Lanier ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Sorry, but the cole slaw at Pig Tales is better than at Fish Tales, which is very good.  Don’t believe me?  Well, just go to both spots and decide for yourself.

Oh, the French fries at Pig Tales are also the best I have found in all of North Georgia.  Nothing like the white, limp, mushy salt sticks served elsewhere.  These fries are perfect — 10 out of 10.

I know.  You think that because I am an incredibly famous travel writer the folks at Pig Tales gave me special service, free food and a hug and/or a kiss.

Yeah, no.

I showed up unannounced.  No one knew I was coming.  No one offered me free anything (not that I wouldn’t have accepted it) and I paid $20 for my meal, plus a tip.

Pig Tales on Lake Lanier ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

As a matter of fact, I rode there on my motorcycle on a hot day.  By the time I arrived, I was about two clicks past ripe.  They politely seated me downwind of the really important people — like you.

One nice thing about the patio is the sun sets behind the outdoor tables.  Not perfect for sunsets, but great for dining in the evening without slowly broiling and smelling as if you drove there on your bike on a hot day.

Talk about relaxing.  This is the place.  Your new favorite, unless it’s already your go-to lake spot.

Their website says:

Pig Tales on Lake Lanier ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Pig Tales at Aqualand Marina [is] the premier BBQ, Burgers & Wings eatery on Lake Lanier, Georgia … The outdoor bar has a gorgeous view of the heart of Lake Lanier …  The covered, outdoor, pet-friendly patio makes a great setting for both families and large groups coming by car, bus or by boat … Pig Tales is the perfect destination for great food, quality service and an unforgettable dining experience on Lake Lanier.

One vital word is missing from their description: Heck, yeah!

When you first drive up, your first impression of Pig Tales might not be what you expected.  The spacious parking lot doesn’t offer much “curb appeal.”

If you have ever driven in the hills of Maui or in areas overlooking San Francisco, you learn quickly that houses are built to maximize the stunning views, not to impress strangers who drive by.

When you enter this excellent establishment and witness the picturesque setting of Pig Tales, you will understand.

Pig Tales Restaurant on Lake Lanier ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Let’s just say my pleasant server didn’t hover near my table, waiting breathlessly for me to allow her to bring me something or take something away.

She was always a wave away … until she ghosted me when her shift ended.  Not a problem.  I wasn’t there to make a new relationship, except with Pig Tales.  She allowed me plenty of time to gawk at the water and munch down a GIANT Philly Brisket sammich.

Seriously, the monster sandwich was so big– How Big Was IT? — that I snagged my server as she passed by and requested a steak knife to slice it in half.

Here’s a tip for you.  If you want a steak knife, bring your own.  Or invite Crocodile Dundee to dinner.  I guess a pirate with a swoopy sword would do in a pinch, but watch your purse.  Pig Tales uses plastic utensils that are rarely insufficient for diners.

Pig Tales Restaurant on Lake Lanier ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

For a snazzy dinner on the lake shore, allow me to recommend Pig Tales.  Yes, it was featured on the Travel Channel.

It’s a fabulous, laid-back, hassle-free restaurant with groovy tunes that are just loud enough to know it’s Bob Marley wafting over the food that is snooty enough for even your foodiest friends.

Pop a hit of the Memphis Sweet BBQ sauce on just anything on their menu for a special treat.

Speaking of treats, Pig Tales is pet friendly.  They have a hose with cool water for your pet … or to hose down motorcyclists.

My guess is your meal at Pig Tales will be as delicious, relaxing, memorable and refreshing as mine.  Go there to impress somebody … or just to be nice to yourself for a change.

Pig Tales might become your favorite restaurant on Lake Lanier too.

Pig Tales on Lake Lanier

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