Drift Atlanta Swoops into Road Atlanta

Do you get a thrill when someone in a zippy car peels out?  You might know it as “laying drags.”  That’s kid stuff compared to what you’ll see when Drift Atlanta returns to Road Atlanta on May 11-12, 2018.

Drift Atlanta is a Smoky Ballet ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Drifting is a bit like the old demolition derbies when insane drivers raced on a figure-eight track, variously trying to dodge or ram the competition at the middle intersection.  Wrecks and near misses were equally exciting.

Drifters don’t try to smash into other cars.  This sport is much more elegant.  It’s … it’s … like A Burning Tire Ballet.

Imagine men setting fire to money, only drifting is WAY louder and it smells worse.

Sure, things can go wrong and your bumper can be yanked off by guys who offer to move your car off Turn 10 after you stall out.  But that doesn’t happen very often.

Drift Atlanta at Road Atlanta ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

What mostly happens is guys (and probably a few women somewhere) put all the money they can earn, borrow or garner from endorsements into customizing real Matchbox toy cars with billion dollar engines, zillion dollar graphics, bazillion dollar suspensions and $69.50 tires.

The goal is to impress the judges, other drivers and a few hundred pretty women by firing up your tires down a hill into a left turn, followed by the “money shot” left turn, and a few more sweeps and swoops before going back up the hill, gracefully wasting your tires.

Watching the action for more than 15 minutes will make your voice lower, cause your beard to grow and induce random spitting.

Drifting at Road Atlanta ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

It’s even more intense for men.

You cannot say you have truly enjoyed every sport without attending Drift Atlanta at Road Atlanta.  Tickets are still available for Friday and Saturday, May 11th & 12.

In the words of Road Atlanta

Drift Atlanta presented by Papa John’s returns to Road Atlanta May 11-12, 2018.  Your senses will be in overdrive as speed and car control meld into a dramatic competition that tests driver and car to the absolute limit.

With equally exciting off track entertainment and displays, Drift Atlanta has become the epicenter of car culture in Georgia.

Drift Atlanta at Road Atlanta ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Wait.  Did they say “the epicenter of car culture in Georgia”?  Yeah, maybe not.  This ain’t cultured, Bubba.

Drifting is just pure — set your tires afire — fun.

But, hey, call it cultured if you prefer.

Round up your most cultured crew and head on out to Road Atlanta and watch the dreams of drifters go up in smoke.  In a good way.

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