Lake Lanier Olympic Park Manager Robyn Lynch

Robyn Lynch on LinkedIn

News sources local to Gainesville are reporting about the new Lake Lanier Olympic Park Manager Robyn Lynch.

To follow up on those stories, I asked several influential people who have first-hand knowledge of such things to confirm her appointment.  Everyone said something like, “Yup, that’s what I heard too but that’s all I know.”

In the many times our paths crossed at Hall County Chamber of Commerce events, Robyn Lynch always struck me as being an outstanding professional public relations representative and a person of high integrity, sincerity and skill.

Robyn might not be able to wrestle docks and buoys as well as her predecessor, Morgan House, but she will represent the Lake Lanier Olympic Park, the clubs based there, Gainesville and herself with aplomb, brilliance and honesty.

On Robyn Lynch’s LinkedIn public profile, she describes herself as:

Experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the fundraising industry.  Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Event Planning, Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, and Microsoft Word.  Strong business development and community / government relations.

That’s the truth.

The former Olympic venue has gone from international fame to relative disrepair and obscurity.  After bickering among committees and agencies about who should pay for what, it seems that wisdom has prevailed in the reconstruction of the natural and man-made magnificence of our most prominent link to the past, present and future glory of Hall County, Gainesville and the Great State of Georgia.

We wish Lake Lanier Olympic Park Manager Robyn Lynch well!

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