Lake Lanier Association Member Social June 23rd

Lake Lanier Sunset
lla social
LLA Member Social June 23, 2016

The Lake Lanier Association Member Social on June 23rd isn’t just for members, it’s for everyone who loves the lake and wants to see it safe, clean and full.

When Joanna Cloud and her cohorts aren’t fighting for truth, justice and the American way to keep Lake Lanier clean, full and safe, they’re throwing parties.

As proof, I bring you news of their next Member Social.  On Thursday evening, June 23, 2016, you’re invited to join them at Pig Tales at Aqualand Marina for food, free beer samples and a relaxing evening lakeside.

Will they encourage you to join the Lake Lanier Association?  Sure.  If you do, you’ll be eligible to win the raffle prize!

Help keep Lake Lanier safe, full and clean … while you give yourself an evening out with some nice people who also love the Greatest Lake in America.

For less than the cost of one neon yellow shoe that your child had to have, you can join this worthwhile non-profit organization for a year.  Choose wisely and have some fun while you’re keeping Lanier full, clean and safe.

Lake Lanier Association Member Social June 23rd


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