Sunken Treasure in Lake Lanier? Yup. Ask Julio Jones.

Julio Jones, courtesy of ESPN

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, Quintorris Lopez “Julio” Jones added to the sunken treasure in Lake Lanier when his zillion dollar earring popped out after reportedly jumping boat wakes on a jet ski in late July 2017.

Julio Jones went into the water, but came out.  His bling went into the water and didn’t come out.

Depending on your source, the diamond earring was worth “more than $100,000.”  The nifty nugget might have a value of $150,000, if you believe what’s in the Washington Post.

Jones was quoted as saying, “Yeah, it was worth a little bit.”

Many stories are circulating about how local divers were paid $500 to look for the sunken treasure in the not-deep-blue sea.  By the time you get 65-feet down, Lake Lanier is murky, muddy and scary.

You’d probably be better off buying 500 lottery tickets.  At least you would have some chance of getting a return on your investment.

We’re sorry for Julio’s loss.  At least men everywhere can learn from his example.

When ladies hit us up for insanely expensive jewelry, we can always say,

“Baby!  I know you’re worth it!  And I really want to buy you a diamond [whatever], but remember what happened to Julio!  I could never disappoint you like that, Baby.  You mean too much to me.”

Although I wouldn’t lend Julio any expensive jewelry, he’s always to welcome to swim in my pool.

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