Party at Masterpiece Mixers in Gainesville and Braselton

Sooner or later, the rain will stop.  Lake Lanier will be filled to the brim.  Boats will pack the lake and we’ll need to buy more sunscreen.  Until then, let’s Party at Masterpiece Mixers!

Masterpiece Mixers is the best defense against days of rain since Noah’s Ark.

House, Dog, Sun & Tree ~ Robert Sutherland

It’s probably just as good when it’s all hot and sunny, but a week inside with “you know who” will make you appreciate getting your artsy groove on even more.

Many of us don’t need the attentive, friendly, encouraging instruction from the talented and kind helpers at Masterpiece Mixers.

Some of us, not to mention any names, have innate artistic skills that can only be appreciated, not improved upon.

If you are intimidated by my own personal prowess with a brush, don’t let that stop you.  I didn’t get that good overnight!

What if I have never painted before?

No problem!  Our classes are designed for all levels, from those who’ve never held a paint brush to professional artists.   Our fun and helpful instructors walk you step-by-step in creating your masterpiece.

You and all your friends won’t require Artsy degrees.  You only need a dose of laughter, a double-dose of Girl Time and several helpings of colorful paint to create your latest masterpiece.

Masterpiece Mixers

Looking for something new, exciting and creative to do?  Come join us to mix up your own masterpiece!  We’ll supply the canvas, the paint and the brushes, and our professional and fun teachers will guide you step-by-step in creating your own piece of art that you take home at the end of the event.

All you need to bring is your friends (or come alone and make new ones) the beverages/snacks of your choice and get your creative juices flowing.

Seriously.  If that guy could sell a portrait of a Campbell’s Soup can, think what you could do!

Masterpiece Mixers FAQs

Party at Masterpiece Mixers

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Robert has two adult daughters, seven practically perfect grandchildren and a zippy Kawasaki. Contact Robert at [email protected].

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