Cold Weather Fishing Tips for Catching Stripers on Lake Lanier

Georgia’s Wildlife Resources Division of the Department of Natural Resources released many cold weather fishing tips for catching stripers on Lake Lanier, and around the state.

If you don’t let cold weather keep you from fishing, you can catch 5-15 pound stripers, with occasional 30-pounders.

Cold Weather Fishing Tips in Reservoirs

Striped bass are abundant in many reservoirs. Stripers prefer water temperatures below 75 degrees.  They concentrate near river channels and submerged islands where threadfin shad and blueback herring are abundant.

Live bait is recommended.  Fish in shallow waters less than 10 feet deep, with a large bobber and no weight attached (free-lining).  Or drop your line vertically (down-lining) with a 1-ounce sinker weight at greater depths of 10-30 feet. A size 2-4 hook is recommended for fishing these larger live baits and landing big stripers.

Lake Lanier:  Anglers should concentrate on the upper half of the reservoir and creek arms scattered around the lake.  The points in Flat and Balus Creeks, Thompson and Wahoo Creeks, as well as main lake points in the Chattahoochee River from Laurel Park to Clarks Bridge, are seasonal favorites.   Target stained (muddy) water on the north end of the lake.  That offers slightly warmer water that triggers striped bass feeding activity on shad and blueback herring.  Below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, stripers go after smaller baitfish, so anglers should switch to lighter line (8-pound line), smaller hooks and smaller bait when down-lining and free-lining.

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