Skogies on Lake Lanier Where It’s Always Cool

We had the hottest day in three years in the Gainesville vicinity on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.  Made me long for cooler days … such as when we were waiting for Skogies on Lake Lanier to open up for the 2019 season back on January 23rd.  Have you been there yet?

Remember this old story?

Sure, it feels like it’s been 100 years since our last beautiful day, but it might be less! Better weather is on the way … because Skogies on Lake Lanier Opens March 1st!

As of January 23rd, 2019, spring is only 55 days away! Less than three weeks before spring arrives, Skogies on Lake Lanier opens on March 1st!

Obviously, there’s more to life than waiting for winter to end and for Skogies to open … to serve amazing fish fries, burgers and …

Okay. There’s not that much to live for in the depths of a too dang dark and cold winter — except for grandchildren, motorcycles and family — but it’ll be warm again soon. (Even though high temperatures aren’t expected to hit 55 or above until at least February 7th, my beloved granddaughter’s birthday.)

Don’t miss their amazing Sunday brunch.

Please Note: There is no truth to the rumor that there are no fat grams or carbs in the mouth-watering food at Skogies. Cabin fever made me believe that such a fabulous place to eat on Lake Lanier must be perfect in every way. Sorry. It’s only mostly perfect.

Well, that was then … this is now. Erin just confirmed that the hours for Skogies on Lake Lanier, as of August 15th, are:

  • Monday thru Thursday from 11 AM until 9 PM
  • Friday and Saturday from 9 AM til 10 PM
  • Sunday from 9 AM until 9 PM

See you at Skogies on Lake Lanier for terrific seafood, burgers, music, friendly faces and more! They’re located at 2151 Dawsonville Highway in Gainesville (30501) next to Gainesville Marina!

Skogies on Lake Lanier

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