Boat Dock Permits on Lake Lanier

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Deputy Public Affairs Officer Lisa Parker says the Mobile District approved policy changes to Lake Lanier’s Shoreline Management Plan regarding community docks.

Lisa Parker said “The decision sets a deadline for community dock permittees of undeveloped communities owners to provide required documentation to maintain their dock permits.  All community docks with existing permits or permits that expired in 2009 through 2013 will be given a grace period.  These permittees will have until December 1, 2014 to obtain and submit a Local Issuing Authority (LIA) approved final plat.”

“For new developments seeking a community dock, an approved LIA preliminary plat or a letter from the LIA attached to the plat stating that is meets the LIA requirements must be provided, then a conditional community dock permit will be issued.  Community dock construction and installation must not take place until the final plat has been approved and USACE has completed the required permit reconciliation and issued a non-conditional community dock permit,” Parker said.

The Lake Lanier Project Management Office will handle new permit requests differently, once the lottery process has been completed.  “If permits become available after the lottery process is completed or after the permit cap of 10,615 is met USACE will publicly announce their availability and issue new permits based on a first-come first-serve basis until the maximum number is reached,” Parker said.

The Corps of Engineers protects and manages Lake Lanier.  Their plans attempt to balance the needs and desires of all who use the lake, now and in the future.

Click Here for the Related Corps of Engineers’ Press Release

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