TV Interview with Lake Lanier Association VP Wilton Rooks

Atlanta TV station CBS46’s “Public Affairs on Peach” spoke with Lake Lanier Association VP Wilton Rooks about how the drought is affecting Lake Lanier.

Official Pokémon Go Rules for Lake Lanier Parks

The US Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Lanier asks visitors to their parks not to “not pull over anywhere along the dam or roads to catch Pokémon ©, except in designated parking spots in our parks.

USACE Suspends Ban on Irrigation from Corps Lakes

News outlets are quoting Congressman Collins as saying the USACE reversed its policy on banning withdrawal of water from USACE lakes for irrigation. According to the USACE, the policy has been temporarily suspended.

USACE Extends Comment Period for Water Control Manual

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) announced on November 6, 2015 that it will extend the comment period for the public to express its views on the proposed changes to the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Draft EIS and Water Control Manual. The official notice of the time …

Georgia’s New Fireworks Law

A new fireworks law has taken effect in Georgia.  It regulates the sale of roman candles and stuff that loyal citizens once were forced to purchase in neighboring states in order to celebrate national holidays. And the rockets’ red glare… The legislation, House Bill 110, …

Hall County Fire & Rescue to Replace Marine Rescue One

If the red boat on the right looks like a ski boat, that’s because it was originally designed to be a ski boat before it became the Hall County Fire & Rescue’s primary emergency response vessel for Lake Lanier.  Honest. That 23-foot, 2005 Yamaha with twin jet-propelled …