Official Pokémon Go Rules for Lake Lanier Parks

This whole Pokémon Go craze is … crazy.  Millions of people who formerly never walked farther than from their couch to the kitchen or to/from parking lots are now obsessively roaming around in search of imaginary characters.  (Sounds like going to bars looking for The Perfect One.)

Our tax dollars at work:

Attention Pokémon Go © Trainers!  While the Army Corps of Engineers and Lake Sidney Lanier can neither endorse or support any commercial enterprise such as Nintendo © or Niantic ©, we do support initiatives that draw people of all ages to explore and enjoy the great outdoors, especially at Lake Lanier.

That post on the Facebook page of the US Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Lanier also says, “due to safety and trespassing concerns brought up by various public and private entities, we want to address the issue to any eager trainers in the area.  Please, for your safety and others, do not play Pokémon Go © or engage with any app or activity while driving that may cause distraction.”

The Corps asks visitors to their parks not to “pull over anywhere along the dam or roads to catch Pokémon ©, except in designated parking spots in our parks.  Pay attention to Restricted Areas at and around the dam. Areas such as the building on top of the dam are restricted from public access, and are not to be used for any form of recreation.”

They kindly suggest walking the Laurel Ridge Trail and the West Bank Overlook.  Perhaps they’re fertile hunting grounds for Pokémon?

Happy hunting on Lake Lanier!

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