Dahlonega’s Bear On the Square Mountain Festival

Bear on the Square Mountain Festival

Dahlonega doesn’t have much time. If they don’t do something soon, the town will be overrun by pleasant people who love the coolest town in Georgia — especially if they experience the unique friendliness of the 2019 Bear on the Square Mountain Festival the weekend of April 26th.

Maybe we should put up signs on Georgia 400 for Atlantans who venture less than 50 miles north from the City of Darkness and approach Dahlonega.

Signs with kids playing banjos, Sheriff’s deputies wearing mirrored sunglasses holding radar guns and free advertising for gun shops. We could give away complimentary bumper stickers that say, “Dahlonega. You Wouldn’t Like it.”

That is the only hope we have before bajillions of city folk ascend on Goldville for one of the South’s most fun festivals. Otherwise? Be prepared to add $5 to everyone’s bill if they say something like, “That’s not how we do it in New Jersey!”

Oh, well. At least we’ll be able to meet up with kith and kin in Dahlonega for good old mountain music, gospel singing, good deals on leather goods, food that should kill us before the second bite (but tastes so good, it’s worth it) and selling trinkets to Yankees.

Please Note: Yes, you may charge every person who studies your arts & crafts, takes pictures, puts stuff back in the wrong place and walks away saying, “I’ll bet we could make those out of old Starbucks cups!” But only if you say, “Well, bless your heart” as they depart. Thank you.

Seems like we’ve had Bear on the Square Mountain Festivals longer than just 23 years because it’s hard to remember life without them. You might have to park on one end of town or the other and work your way toward the middle. That’s the beauty of having this spectacular event on two days! You’ll have time to see almost every vendor. If you don’t give up, you’ll even get all the way to the iconic Dahlonega Square for some chocolate, ice cream, sandwiches and more leather belts.

If you don’t attend the Bear on the Square Festival, you might as well live in one of those square flat states in the middle of America where the biggest excitement is corn. It’s even worth giving up life on Lake Lanier … at least for an afternoon or two.

Invite your family from around the nation to share the joy of Bear on the Square with you. If they fall in love with North Georgia and can’t stay away, just mention that they can always come back next year to the South’s best party since Scarlett O’Hara toyed with her suitors at Tara.

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  1. Annette Willams

    This is great! My husband & I went to Dahlonega for lunch and the square is all decked out for this weekend.

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