Raining? Go to The Interactive Neighborhood for Kids in Gainesville

Here’s a riddle for parents.  If you combine a rainy day, kids who have been indoors too long, the desire to hang out with other parents, and the need for a safe, fun place to play … what do you get?  A happy trip to the Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, Inc. — better known as INK!

The Interactive Neighborhood for Kids — INK ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

INK, in Gainesville, Georgia, can’t solve all your problems on rainy days.  Only most of them.

Kids have enough fun stuff — and other kids — to play with until they’re exhausted.  That means a quiet ride home and great memories of all the exciting activities at the hands-on, jump-on, climb-on, indoor, play palace called the Interactive Neighborhood for Kids.

Yes, I have been there, had fun, took pictures and purchased an annual membership for my kids to bring their kids to a safe spot where they can play or watch kids play.  When out-of-town friends bring their kids for a visit, we head to INK.

There’s one way into the play area and one way out.  Kids aren’t going to get out or be lured out.  That’s a big deal, if you ask me.

From The Interactive Neighborhood for Kids website

Children can role-play and learn through practical experiences.  All exhibits are designed to provide a unique experience and to actively engage young minds — not to mention, it’s just plain fun!

Please Note:  If you let your kids practice dentistry on you, you’re on your own.  Choose wisely.

INK is big enough for kids to safely wander … without getting away.  Besides, if they cry, you’ll know their voice no matter how many kids are shouting for joy.  INK is conveniently located close to I-985 at Gainesville’s Exit 22.

Everything is fun and safe at INK.

Sit on a bench or let The Wild Bunch overcharge you at the make-believe grocery store.  Play along, but you don’t have to give them your credit card or real cash.  Don’t let them scam you.

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