Volunteers Needed for 2017 ACRA Regatta on Lake Lanier

Volunteers are still needed for the 2017 ACRA National Championship Regatta to be held at Lake Lanier Olympic Park again this year on Friday and Saturday, May 27th and 28th.

This is a national championship regatta.  We are privileged to witness collegiate rowing at its finest.

You may sign up for a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.  Please review the volunteer list and commit to choices that are good for you both prior to and during the regatta.

We have made some positions “All Day” but you may arrange to “job share” with someone, or seek our help in making those arrangements.

We are grateful for your help. It’s always a privilege to work with such a great group of people!

Click Here to Volunteer for 2017 ACRA Regatta

No, you don’t have to wear Spandex in public to help out.  Please don’t ask me how I found out.


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