Sponsor a Solar-Powered Navigation Light on Lanier

Lake Lanier Association Navigation Markers
Lake Lanier Association Navigation Lights

The Lake Lanier Association (LLA) April newsletter shares an update on their brilliant idea to place blinking, solar-powered navigation lights at crucial points around Lake Lanier.

The newest navigation lights will be installed in 2016 to the north of Browns Bridge.

Here’s an excerpt from LLA’s recent missive:

We hope to have a good year placing solar lights and yellow reflecting tape on the hazard markers between Browns Bridge and the Gainesville Marina and also finishing our light install in Dawson County.

We are working with the Corp of Engineers to bring our GPS light locations in agreement with the Corp markings. This will result in an accurate chart being made to reflect all of the solar light hazard markings. This chart should be available to all concerned boaters when finished on the Corps web site. After each solar light install we will meet with the Corp to assure accurate GPS information is exchanged.

LLA makes it easy for us to sponsor navigation lights on Lake Lanier.  For a mere $250, you can provide for the initial cost of the light, along with installation and future maintenance of the light.

If you share the values of a safe, full, clean lake, please join the Lake Lanier Association.

Sponsor a Solar-Powered Navigation Light


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