Laurel Park’s Bark Park on Lake Lanier

Laurel Park’s “Laurel Bark Park.” (Photograph: Robert Sutherland)

One of the most common questions we receive is: “Where can dogs romp, frolic and play at Lake Lanier?”

The answer is Laurel Park’s Bark Park on the north end of Lanier.

You and your best friends are welcome to play fetch, toss Frisbees, dodge “meadow muffins” and scratch one another’s ears until you both need to rest, drink some water and have a treat.

Laurel Bark Park is open daily from sunrise to sunset and appears to be in an area that’s safe — right next to the park’s main road.

There are picnic tables, benches and easy-access parking.

Laurel Bark Park Rules (Photograph: Robert Sutherland)

There are a few rules, of course, but nothing that isn’t logical, reasonable and appropriate.

It appears that folks using the grounds pick up after their pets, although you might want to leave your Louboutins or tassel loafers in your car, just in case.

Don’t worry about Muffy being bullied by the big dogs.  Little critters (under 30 pounds) have their playground and portly puppies (30 pounds or more) play in their own yard.

That works for everybody — except for large dogs who have a thing for cute little poodles, I guess.

Little dogs who are absolutely convinced they’re big dogs might have a problem, but it’s nothing that can’t be worked out with a good talk or a nice steak dinner.  (Easy on the salt, please.)

The Big Dog ~ Little Dog Dividing Line (Photograph: Robert Sutherland)

If you want to take Fido swimming, you’ll have to find a friend who has lake access because the lake’s beaches are not available to pooches.

Laurel Bark Park is a nice, safe place for dogs and their people to play.

C’mon, wag your tail and have a little fun outside with the friends who are always happy to see you.

When you’ve spent enough time trying to be as nice as your dog thinks you are, reward yourself with a lakeside walk in Laurel Park.  Yes, leashes are required but you’ll both have fun anyway.

Click Here for Laurel Park’s Bark Park 

Laurel Bark Park’s Most Watered Tree (Photo: Robert Sutherland)
Laurel Bark Park’s Green Acres (Photo: Robert Sutherland)
What Goes In Must Come Out of Laurel Bark Park (Photo: Robert Sutherland)
Laurel Bark Park’s Watering Hole (Photograph: Robert Sutherland)
Have a picnic with your dog at Laurel Bark Park. (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

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