Road Atlanta Racers are Starting Their Engines

NASA Racing at Road Atlanta
NASA Racing at Road Atlanta

March is starting off like a Ferrari at Road Atlanta, just down the road from Lake Lanier.

First in line are the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) races, beginning on Friday, March 14, 2014.

These outstanding motor car competitions have: Endurance Challenges, Spec Miata, American Iron, and Thunder and Lightening Sprint races.

Worried about how your little princess will behave behind the wheel now that she has her license?  Relax.  Sign her up for the Teenage Driving Survival School.  And be sure to buckle up when she takes you for a victory lap around your neighborhood.

The National Auto Sport Association, is a business dedicated to organizing and promoting racing activities for both the aspiring or accomplished racer and Teen accident awareness courses.

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Not fast enough for you?  Well, how about the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Majors, the weekend of March 21st?

Of all the groups running at Road Atlanta, SCCA encompasses the widest variety of competition vehicles.  On any given weekend you’re likely to see races with production-based cars from the smallest commuter vehicle through fire-breathing Corvettes and Vipers, single-seat formula cars from 40 hp VW engines and 600cc motorcycle drivetrains through winged monsters that resemble F1 or Indy Cars, purpose-built, tube frame “silhouette” GT cars that resemble production cars, and multiple classes of open cockpit sports racers with varying levels of performance.  And while we don’t (yet) have a class for SUVs or mini-vans, we DO have a class for compact pick-up trucks!

All these cars can’t be on the track at the same time so there are multiple races for the different classes throughout the weekend, sometimes as many as eight in one day. If you happen to be disinterested in what you’re seeing right now, wait thirty minutes for something else.  And for those who like to move around to various viewing spots around the track, we also have selected races that last up to three hours as well.

Another thing that sets the SCCA apart is the accessibility to the participants, both racers and workers.  There are few corporate sponsors involved in Club Racing, so as you wander through the paddock drivers and crews are not hidden behind barriers and banners.  Stop by the corner stations and ask the folks in white about what’s happening on the track.  SCCA members are everyday people who love to share their passion for auto racing.

Finally, at each of our SCCA weekends we also have Track Tours for the general public during Saturday’s lunch break.  Everyone in the car must sign an insurance waiver and top speeds are controlled via a pace car leading the group, but for $20 per car you can take your street car out to see the rolling hills of Road Atlanta from a different perspective.

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