“Pirates in the Caribbean Calling. Will You Accept the Charges?”

Aye, lassie, pirates have phones!  Harrrrgghhh
Aye, lassie, pirates have phones! Harrrrgghhh

As if there weren’t enough pirates around Lake Lanier.  Now, buccaneers in an area code far, far away have set a trap for us … using our cell phones as bait.

That late-night phone call you might have received was more than an annoyance, it’s an expensive scam too.  I almost fell for it myself.

I have a phone that is much smarter than I am — especially when awakened from a sound sleep.  The people who call me regularly have their own ringtones, everyone else gets a generic song (Low Rider by War).

Just after midnight, my cell phone rang.  Just once.  Then it stopped.

I didn’t recognize the ringtone, so I went back to dreaming of frolicking along the Appalachian Trail with Suzannah.

First thing the next morning, I Googled the number that called: 268-762-0158.  Looked harmless enough, but it wasn’t.

The area code “268” is assigned to the Caribbean Islands.  Scammers, in this case, hope to annoy people into returning a call to whomever hung up after one ring.  When you call that number, you’ll be billed for an international call.  There are reports that I could not personally confirm that said that folks who call numbers such as 268-762-0158 are also billed by the person at the other end of the phone.

Remember the old 900 numbers that people paid $10 or $20 a minute to supposedly speak to a psychic or somebody who would take dirty to them?  In a similar manner, these hoaxsters can bill you for calling them and they’re not accountable to American laws because you’re calling them … in the Caribbean Islands.

Again, this is not some outrageous story I found on the Internet.  This happened to me personally.  As a writer and researcher, I never know who will be calling me next.  That’s why I Googled the number.

I hope that my research into this odd call will help you not walk the plank offered by these pirates in the Caribbean.

The scurvy dogs.   Aarrrggghhhh.

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