Atlanta Boat Show: January 9-12, 2014

boat showFew things sound less appealing than shopping for a boat on a morning when the wind chill is seven below zero.

Believe it or not, spring is just about 70-days from now.  Warm weather will return and young folks will be back in boogie shorts and bikinis waterskiing and swooping around Lake Lanier, while the rest of us putter along in whatever shade we can muster on our pontoon boats.

What’s the best time to buy a boat?  In the dead of winter.  Here’s your big chance: the 2014 Atlanta Boat Show, being held from January 9-12 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Just think of it as Cocktail Cove … indoors.

The Boat Show is the best place to kick the tires on new boats, gear and accessories.  If it’s for boating, you’ll find it there.  Hundreds of new boats will be on display — including powerboats, center consoles, ski boats and personal watercraft.

Please Note:  All promotional material and advertisements feature handsome surfer dudes, perfect children and trophy arm-candy ladies, all laughing as if they just won the lottery.  These are optional extras, not standard equipment.  Thank you.

The four-day extravaganza showcases the latest in engines, marine gear, electronics and accessories to make life on Lanier a water wonderland.

Not in the market for a new boat?  Take a ride to the Atlanta Boat Show anyway.  It’s more fun than sitting in a movie theater eating butter-doused popcorn and mystery meat smothered in yellow plastic cheese goop.

And it might be warmer inside the World Congress Center than in your house!

Where & When

  • January 9-12, 2014
  • Georgia World Congress Center, Hall C
  • 280 Northside Drive, NW Atlanta, GA 30314


  • Thursday & Friday, January 9th & 10th: Open from 11 AM until 9 PM
  • Saturday, January 11th: 10 AM until 9 PM
  • Sunday, January 12th: 10 AM until 6 PM

Click Here for the Atlanta Boat Show’s Website

Click Here for the Atlanta Boat Show’s Facebook Page


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