Lake Lanier Water Levels — First Day of Spring 2012

Lake Lanier rowing venue — Robert J. Sutherland

“Spring is sprung.

Da lake is riz.

I wonder where da boaters is?”

(We are a freelance writer.  We are not a poet.  Sorry.)

Winter is officially behind us.  Today is the first day of spring — and it’s a dandy.  Sunny and 82 degrees.  Perfect for a day on our lake.

Lake Lanier is still measured by “winter pool,” however.  According to that measure, the lake is down 4.63′ from full (winter) pool.  That’s far better than last November 14th, when the lake sunk to 1057.91′.  We’re almost 7.5′ above that level today.  Not perfect, but it could be worse.

We’ll keep you updated on Lake Lanier’s levels from time to time.  If you get impatient, we invite you to click here for daily updates on the levels of GA’s Corps of Engineers lakes.


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