Seeking Hiking and Adventure in North Georgia?

If you’re seeking hiking and adventure in North Georgia, have I got a deal for you!

The North Georgia Hiking and Adventure Facebook page is a terrific tool for armchair hikers, fearless folks who photograph lazy snakes along trails, and folks so fit that they laugh at mountains and arduous hikes that would kill the rest of us.

Anna Ruby Falls
Photo by Robert Sutherland

It’s scary how friendly the people are who post at North Georgia Hiking and Adventure. I keep waiting for somebody to sell me soap or pills to improve my whatta-ya-callit.

Everyone is either planning a hike here in the glory of North Georgia or posting impossibly perfect pix of places they’ve been — that you can visit too.

Robert Shaw would be happy for you to join the chorus of hikers and wannabees who know the best places to hike, camp, swim and explore all around North Georgia, and a bit beyond.

He has been the admin of the group since early 2013, not long after the group was founded by Sean Hilton. The group’s growth have been exponential in the past year or so. Roughly 1,000 newbies join every three weeks, adding to the current total of 20,100.

Unless you still believe an iPad is something applied to alleviate facial wrinkles, you can easily imagine what a hassle it is to monitor and moderate a Facebook page. For Robert, it’s a labor of love.

Robert has been hiking all his life. He told me that he got the hiking bug in 2008, when he got a GPS and began tracking his treks. Today, he’s happy to share what he has learned and experienced. That kind of attitude permeates the membership of the North Georgia Hiking and Adventure Facebook page, in my experience.

Anna Ruby Falls
Photo by Robert Sutherland

As I hit the page almost daily, I love how single parents freely ask where they can hike with their kids for a walk and a safe swim.

You’d be amazed at how many spots are perfect for that sort of hike and adventure.

Face it. Even though Lake Lanier is the perfect spot in America’s most beautiful state (that is habitable in winter), sometimes you just want to go for a walk. Alone, with others or somewhere you don’t have to be afraid to smile at a stranger.

That’s the beauty of the North Georgia Hiking and Adventure Facebook page. Your choices are almost limitless.

Could you meet a creep through the page? Sure. Should you trust everybody in hiking boots? Heck, no. Will you find great hikes and memorable adventures if you hit this page? Yup.

Just be smart and have a good time. Don’t forget to post your photos, please.

North Georgia Hiking and Adventure on Facebook

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Robert J. Sutherland is a travel writer enjoying life in Gainesville, GA.
Robert has two adult daughters, seven practically perfect grandchildren and a zippy Kawasaki. Contact Robert at [email protected].

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  1. Theresa Bone

    Thank you for this wonderful article! Robert, or Bobby to me, is my younger brother. I am very proud of him! He is just what you see and read-no pretenses with him. I’ve even been on a few hikes with him! He is very passionate about hiking! Just don’t trust his estimates on the length of a hike! LOL!

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