More USACE Parks Reopened on Lake Lanier

Surprise! The levels of Lake Lanier go up and down! Now that the unusually high water is receding, more USACE parks reopened on Lanier.

Please enjoy this rendition of Will the Circle Be Unbroken as you read this story. Or not.

High Water at Balus Creek Boat Ramp
Photo by Robert Sutherland

The last time I counted them all there were about 100 boat ramps on Lanier.

On a random and mysteriously rotating basis, a few launches are close to fishing holes where you are guaranteed to catch your limit of whoppers. Choose wisely or you might get skunked.

Here’s the list, sorted A-Z … until the cycle changes again.

USACE parks reopened, as of March 20, 2019:

  • Balus Creek
  • Bolding Mill
  • Burton Mill
  • Duckett Mill 
  • East Bank
  • Keith’s Bridge
  • Little Hall (1 ramp, courtesy docks closed)
  • Little Ridge
  • Long Hollow
  • Mountain View
  • Nix Bridge
  • Sardis Creek
  • Thompson Bridge
  • Thompson Bridge
  • Thompson Creek
  • Tidwell
  • Toto Creek
  • Van Pugh North (1 ramp open)
  • Vann’s Tavern

For the latest on open and closed parks: Lake Lanier USACE on Facebook.

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