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Perseverance leads to victories in conflicts, marriages, sports and education.  Perseverance by volunteers also keeps Lake Lanier clean, safe and full.  That’s more than a motto for the defenders of America’s Greatest Lake, as you’ll read in the Lake Lanier Association newsletter.

The Lake Lanier Association (LLA) is comprised of regular men and women, skilled leaders, highfalutin folks with cool castles overlooking the lake, people you’ve heard of, and nameless volunteers who do most of the work.

God bless every one of them for their dedication … and perseverance.

According to the October 2018 edition of the Lake Lanier Association newsletter, it’s been a great year for Lanier.

By all accounts, this has been a great summer on beautiful Lake Lanier.  Good lake level, good weather, great social events around the lake, a very successful Shore Sweep, including a celebration of 30 years of Shore Sweep and even an international competition for Dragon Boat racing at the Olympic venue.

LLA President Wilton Rooks

The years of abandoning docks or boats along Lanier’s shore with impunity are over for those expecting others to clean up after them.  LLA Executive Director Joanna Cloud has a very special set of skills she uses to find those culprits and bring them to justice.

What’s next for LLA?  The 100-foot rule.

We believe that one of the most pressing safety issues facing Lake Lanier is lack of boat operator knowledge of the “rules of the road” for boating, and specifically the 100’ rule.  As the lake gets [more] boat traffic the 100’ rule becomes [more] important.

Tom Vivelo writes in their latest newsletter,  “if everyone followed the 100’ rule to the letter, there would be almost no boating accidents.  There would be no swimmers hit by boats, skiers and boarders would be safer, shoreline erosion would be lessened, dock damage would be lessened, and the Lake would be a much safer place overall.”

The easiest way to learn more about what others are doing for Lake Lanier and how you can lend a hand is to subscribe to their free newsletter.  We urge you to do so.

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