ICF Dragon Boat World Championships at Lake Lanier Olympic Park

The premier ICF Dragon Boat World Championships in the Americas will be held at Lake Lanier Olympic Park beginning on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 with the Official Opening Ceremony!

The Free Opening Ceremony at Lake Lanier Olympic Park begins at 6:00 PM, with the area’s best food trucks available at 5:00 PM.  Enjoy waterside food and wine, craft beers and — I hope — Diet Dr Pepper.

Athletes from all over the world have trained for years for this four-day event.  They’ve worked out while we have slept.  They’ve practiced while the rest of us watched Gilligan’s Island reruns.  Now, their bodies and psyches are in perfect harmony.

ICF Dragon Boat World Championships coming to Lanier ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

All they want to do is win — for their teams, countries, medals, memories and laurels that last a lifetime.

The races take place from Thursday through Sunday where the Chattahoochee River feeds into Lake Lanier at Lake Lanier Olympic Park.

High banks on both sides of the Hooch protect the water from being too agitated, and the current is just right for racing Dragon Boats.

That stretch of the Chattahoochee is known around the world for its ideal conditions for rowing, which is why it was selected to host the 1996 Olympic Games.

Craig A. Meyer Performs Elton John Hits

This is also the ideal site to listen to Craig A. Meyer — billed as “the multiple award winning, multi-talented singer/actor/pianist … starring in


According to a joint press release from our pals, Gainesville/Hall ’96 Executive Director Robyn Lynch and The Arts Council’s Executive Director Gladys Wyant…

Craig captures the music, costumes and charisma of Sir Elton John.

“Craig is one of the most talented people I have ever worked with.  He can do ANYTHING!” says Barry Manilow.

Today, he is considered to be the best Elton John tribute artist in the market, whose strong vocals, striking resemblance and amazing talent on the piano has audiences everywhere remembering when rock was young.  This spectacular theatrical experience is a musical journey celebrating the decades of chart topping hits of Sir Elton John.

Please Note:  I regret that I don’t have room to tell you of the time I conducted an interview with Barry Manilow in his San Francisco hotel room for a local radio station.  He traveled with a cat.

Wednesday’s Opening Ceremony presents “ceremonial elements such as the Parade of Athletes [160 participants from 18 nations are expected], Pan-Asian dances and a variety of thrilling entertainment … all celebrating a passion for bringing together an international audience and showcasing our area’s forte in welcoming all who live here and those who visit.”

Come and meet Dragon Boat participants from all around the world … on Lake Lanier.

ICF Dragon Boat World Championships Information


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