Clearing Storm Damage from Lake Lanier’s Parks

Spring is springing in the beautiful South!  Dogwoods are blooming.  Buds are on the trees and leaves are bursting to life.  We’re also clearing away branches, limbs, trees and other storm damage from the wicked weather that arrives as winter wanes.

Nick Baggett and his US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) crew are hard at work clearing storm damage before campgrounds on Lake Lanier open for the season.

A couple of tornadoes were reported in mid-March in our area and more dangerous weather can be expected as the seasons change.

Here’s what the USACE posted on their Facebook page on March 28, 2017:

Last week’s storms did a number on our parks and campgrounds, including blowing down trees on a couple of campers.  Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but the damage to the campgrounds is evident for any returning customer.

As our campgrounds open in a couple of days, remember that our maintenance crews are busy chopping up all of the downed trees, and may not have reached the less-critical areas yet.  Campers this weekend will see a noticeable difference in the aesthetics of the campground, though nothing too drastic.

No matter if you’re in our parks, our campgrounds or out on the lake, your safety matters to us.  Please keep in mind that severe weather events occur regularly at Lake Lanier.  Take all steps necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe when they occur.

We’re all thankful for the hard work and care that the Corps puts into all the parks on Lake Lanier.

On the bright side, if this camper is for sale, it might suddenly fit your budget.  If you haggle, they might even throw in the tree!

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