The Valentine’s Day Getaway at Lanier Islands

Not that any man needs to be reminded but … VALENTINE’S DAY IS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14th!

I know.  Your lady said, “Valentine’s Day?  Pfft.  Who cares?  As long as I have you!”

Yeah, that’s a trap.  Just like that time you told her that her sister looked cute and she said, “That’s OK.”  Do you want that kind of trouble.  Again?  Don’t be a fool!  Take her to Lanier Islands for a Valentine’s Day Getaway that she’ll never forget.

Were you thinking about getting her a diamond studded tiara?  This one at Tiffany’s is so expensive you have to call to ask how much it costs.  Here’s a hint: It’s slathered in 35.47 carats of diamonds.  Bad move.  Besides, that’s only going to mess up her hair.  But, nice try.

That Mercedes GLS450 SUV you had as a backup?  Sweet of you, but after you pop down $75,000 (plus options), what do you have?  An SUV she won’t drive in Atlanta for fear of being carjacked.

See?  That’s why the Valentine’s Day Getaway is the perfect gift!

Come to Lanier Islands.  Park the Pinto and look as elegant as the rich folks — all in love and cozy.  On February 10, 11, 14, 17 and 18, Lanier Islands Resort will make you a hero.  For WAY less than a bunch of diamonds, you can go for the Valentine’s Sweetheart Package, as well as candlelit dinners featuring a specially prepared menu by the Islands’ culinary team.

The Valentine’s Day Getaway Sweetheart Package

  • Deluxe overnight accommodations in a newly renovated room at Legacy Lodge – a member of the esteemed Southern Living Hotel Collection
  • Romantic dinner for two in Sidney’s Restaurant
  • Breakfast for two the following morning
  • Upgrade the Package (and your marriage) to include a romantic welcome — complete with chocolate-covered strawberries and chilled champagne in your room when you arrive

Heck, yeah.  Dinner can wait.

Valentine’s Sweetheart Packages can be reserved online or by calling 770-945-8787.

Just to be safe, don’t mention the tiara or the Mercedes.  Really.  Don’t.


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