Lake Lanier Olympic Park Is the New Name for Lanier Rowing Venue

Lake Lanier Olympic Park is the new name selected by the Gainesville Hall ’96 Roundtable for the Lake Lanier Olympic Venue, which was called the Lanier Rowing Venue before that.

This summer marks the 20th anniversary of the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games.  Lake Lanier Olympic Park is where the rowing events were hosted.

The new name was modestly announced prior to the Pan American Championships for sprint canoe and kayak races held in mid-May and the 2016 National Collegiate Rowing Association Championship Regatta.

Lake Lanier Olympic Park Rebranding

According to the “Lake Lanier Olympic Venue Has a New Name” press release:

The Gainesville Hall 96’ Board took over the entire historic area, which includes: beach and picnic areas, the Olympic Tower, the Boat House and Clarks Bridge Park.   The board decided it was to time to re-brand and give the venue a name that represents all it has to offer to the public: Lake Lanier Olympic Park.

Extensive renovations at the former Lake Lanier Olympic Venue have made it possible to host sporting events, weddings, corporate events and festivals.  The park also offers paddle boarding, fishing, swimming and other watersports through the Lake Lanier Rowing Club and the Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club.


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