Will Rain Cancel 4th of July Fireworks?

July 4th 2015 Weather Channel Radar
July 4th 2015 Weather Channel Radar

Today is July 4, 2015 and it’s raining outside.  Everybody’s wondering if the weather will cancel 4th of July fireworks tonight.


My son-in-law works at the Weather Channel.  He’s the smartest guy there.  Probably.

I’ve been watching the Weather Channel for so long, the weather babes smile at me while giving their forecasts.  Don’t believe me?  Ha!  Just watch and see for yourself.

That qualifies me to guess at what the weather will be like tonight after dark.

Does anybody actually think my forecast could be worse than the ones we see on TV?  Therefore, having watched our area’s weather radar, I have prepared my *Guaranteed To Be Accurate Guesstimation of where the fireworks will or won’t be held tonight.  (*Some restrictions apply.)

Robert’s Infallible 4th of July Fireworks Weather Forecast

Throughout North Georgia down to Atlantaland there will be rain — heavy at times — that will wash away hopes of outdoor picnics this afternoon.  Sorry, campers.

Then, the weather will clear late this afternoon and the rain will stop.

Depending on where you are after dark … fireworks displays WILL blast off on schedule.  They are not all going to be rained out, although a few might have to reschedule.

July 4th Fireworks Weather Cancellations

For the latest official updates which fireworks displays might not sparkle your world, open up the links below and select the one you’re interested in attending.

4th of July Fireworks Displays Near Lake Lanier

July 4th Fireworks Displays Near Lake Allatoona


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