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Pure Water is Worth its Weight in Gold ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland
Pure Water is Worth its Weight in Gold ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

According to the latest news from the non-profit group, Savannah Riverkeeper, “The pristine Floridan Aquifer provides coastal Georgia residents and communities with abundant clean water.  Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) is the practice of injecting chemically treated wastewater, surface water or groundwater into an aquifer with the intent to withdraw it later.”

They remind us that in 2014 the General Assembly failed to renew the moratorium on ASR, leaving the Floridan Aquifer at risk of contamination by this risky practice.  Fortunately, several legislators have recognized this mistake and introduced Senate Bill 36 and House Bill 116, which call for a permanent ban of ASR on the Georgia coast.

Savannah Riverkeeper News on Marsh Buffers

Legislators are cooperating with environmental groups and state regulators to restore protections to the salt marsh that were lost in April when a long-standing policy that required a 25-foot buffer of vegetation along the salt marsh was overturned, says the latest news from Savannah Riverkeeper.

You can read the proposed changes to the Erosion and Sedimentation Act by Clicking Here.

Coastal lawmakers say they’re on board, however no one has stepped up to officially sponsor a bill that would incorporate the changes.  Encourage your legislators to make it happen!

We’re thankful for all the work done by Savannah Riverkeeper and its partners to keep our water pure.

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