Lake Lanier Islands Hiring Hundreds for “Snow World”

Get a job at Lake Lanier Islands' Snow World! ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland
Get a job at Lake Lanier Islands’ Snow World! ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Lake Lanier Islands is currently hiring almost 300 workers for their top-secret project known as Snow World.

Please Note:  We could tell you more about Snow World but we’d have to fry your computer and keep you up all night with black helicopters hovering over your house.  Sorry.

Snow World is going to replace the Magical Nights of Lights.

Please Note:  You did not hear that from

Lake Lanier Islands already has 400 folks who work year round.  You-know-what is going to take another 284 positions.

Lanier Islands Director of Human Resources Sandra Grindy says, “We are currently seeking dependable, cheerful, service-oriented people to fill 239 seasonal openings, as well as an additional 45 permanent opportunities throughout the resort.  Other candidate qualities of note include flexibility, good communication skills, caring nature, willingness to help, and adaptability to the demands of the job.  A select number of the team members we hire on for these seasonal positions will have the opportunity to move into year-round openings.  Not to mention, this particular season will end right around the time we begin hiring staff for our very popular spring and summer beach and boardwalk venue, LanierWorld.  This will give our new hires priority status, as previous experience is very valuable.”

According to our secret source of information, Kasie Bolling, the reason for the sudden rise in the number of employees is the impending debut of a new attraction as part of the resort’s continuing effort to serve as a year-round destination for Georgians and travelers alike.

Lanier Islands plans to make an announcement to the public about its newest seasonal offering in late October 2014.

In the meantime, listed among the available seasonal positions are front gate admissions, food & beverage servers, bartenders, hostesses, concessions, cooks, clean-up, accounting auditors, supervisors, traffic attendants, EMTs, and more.

Be sure to tell all your friends about the top-secret Snow World.  Or not.

Snow World Job Fairs

To fill these positions, Lanier Islands is hosting job fairs on Saturday, October 25 at Peachtree Pointe and Tuesday, October 28 in the Plantation Ballroom at Legacy Lodge.  Depending on the response, additional job fairs may be added in November.

Applicants 16 or older may visit the Lanier Islands Human Resources department (located across from Holiday Marina) in person.  No prior experience is necessary for many of the seasonal open positions.  Lanier Islands is an equal opportunity employer.

Click Here for Secret Info about the Top-Secret Snow World

Click Here to Apply for Jobs at the Top-Secret Snow World

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