Updated Information on Lake Lanier Marinas

Bald Ridge Marina on Lake Lanier
Bald Ridge Marina on Lake Lanier

“They say” summer is over because September is here.  “They” also used to say the world was flat.  You cannot convince our friends at Lake Lanier marinas that the boating season is over.  Far from it!

We might have fewer 90-degrees days and hot, muggy nights, but as far as boating is concerned, the fun never ends on Lake Lanier.

Boating is a year-round activity on the greatest lake in Georgia.  The Chattahoochee doesn’t freeze and the lake is always open for business.

Sure, it gets cold for a few weeks in the winter.  Maybe it’s a bit too nippy for early fishing or sunset cruises.  So, we launch our boats on warm afternoons instead.

You won’t have a problem finding gas, floatation devices, maps, fishing poles and whiz-bang tackle when you want to take your boat out on Lake Lanier.  Any of the nine Lake Lanier marinas will be happy to meet your needs.

If it’s too cold for you to hit the lake over the winter, plan now to have your boat professionally maintained or upgraded before spring arrives once again.  Or maybe just have them winterize your boat and store it for you.

Better yet, why not consider getting something a little more comfy that you can spend weekends on and entertain friends and family?  Our friends at Lake Lanier marinas can fix up what you have now or help you set sail in something a bit more spiffy.

We’ve updated our information on Lake Lanier marinas.  Visit one soon.

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