Youth T-Shirt Art Contest & Birding Competition

Anna Hamilton Won the 2013 Grand Prize in the Youth Birding Competition T-Shirt Art Contest
Anna Hamilton Won the 2013 Grand Prize in the Youth Birding Competition T-Shirt Art Contest

Two popular contests are underway in Georgia that might be that “big break” young people need to join the world’s most famous nature artists and ornithologists.

Talented young people who create pictures of birds will love the chance to take part in Georgia’s T-Shirt Art Contest.  It’s part of the 9th Annual Youth Birding Competition.

Entering is easy.  Kids can draw or paint their favorite Georgia bird on paper or sheet canvas that is at least 8″ x 10″ but no bigger than 11″ x 17″.

Age Categories

  • Primary: pre-K through 2nd grade
  • Elementary: 3rd through 5th grade
  • Middle school: 6th – 8th grade
  • High school

One winner will be chosen from each of the four groups.  Three will be awarded a $50 Michaels gift card, redeemable for art supplies.

One winner will be awarded the Grand Prize.  The Grand Prize winner’s artwork will appear on this year’s Youth Birding Contest T-shirts and he or she will be given a $100 gift card to Michaels.


Artwork for the T-shirt contest can be mailed — flat, not folded — in a large envelope.  All artwork must be received by 4 PM, Monday, March 10th, 2014.

Mailing Address

  • YBC T-Shirt Art Contest
  • Attn: Linda May
  • 2065 US Hwy. 278 SE
  • Social Circle, GA 30025

2014 Youth Birding Competition

The Youth Birding Competition is a 24-hour event where teams of young people try to locate and identify the most bird species in order to win the contest.

Organizers schedule the competition when birds are at the peak of their spring migration.  The 24-hour event begins at 5 PM on Saturday, April 25th, all across Georgia.

Teams can be looking for birds for the entire 24-hour period or only for an hour or two.  The important part is to get the team’s list across the finish line and turned in by 5 PM on Sunday the 26th at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center.  An awards banquet packed with prizes follows.

The deadline to register your team is Monday, March 31st.  There is no charge.

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