Lake Lanier Association Celebrates Earth Day at Skogie’s

LLA Celebrates Earth Day at Skogies

In addition to the three stalwart foundations of the Lake Lanier Association, they have added another goal to keeping Lake Lanier full, clean and safe.  The latest initiative?  Let’s party for good causes, such as Earth Day!

This momentous modification to the non-profit’s tenets is … well, momentous.  So is their new blinky, swirly, PowerPointy website that lists several upcoming Member Socials.

We know what they mean by Member Socials.  We are hip and online.  That’s code for Let’s Party!

The next (wink, wink) Member Social takes place at Skogie’s on Saturday April 22nd.  Have a great time, but please try to pretend it’s about Earth Day and/or saving some nearly extinct critters (except snail darters, thank you).

Come see the dandy renovations done to my favorite lakeside restaurant on Lake Lanier, Skogie’s.  Meet new friends and hang around with old pals, now that we have survived another winter’s hibernation.  If you’re not all that social, sit with an introvert inside and share a quiet tale or two.

Let’s party for a good cause on Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 3-7 or so!  If you’re scheduled to go into work, ask if you can get paid time off to commemorate Earth Day with the friendly members of the not-for-profit (but definitely for-fun) Lake Lanier Association.

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