Rainfall, Lake Lanier & Shoichi Yokoi

shoichi_yokoiPeople!  Listen up!

Stop praying for rain for Lake Lanier!

For now, anyway.  We’ll call you when we need you next time.

I mean, we’re all thankful.  Don’t get me wrong.

But enough is enough.  We are a foot over SUMMER full pool and now there’s a Flood Watch in effect for Lake Lanier.

Yes, Lake Lanier has its own forecast and there IS a Flood Watch.

I’m thinking there’s somebody out there who finally fired a slug into their only radio after tiring of all the news about gun control.  They don’t know that the lake is full and they’re still promising to become a nun in return for more rain.

It’s getting like that Japanese soldier on Guam who hid in the jungle for (hello?) 28 years.  He didn’t believe WWII ended.  Thought the pamphlets officials dropped in the wilderness were some sort of trick to make him surrender.

Shoichi Yokoi finally believed the news.  “Surrendered” sort-of, returned to a hero’s welcome in Japan and got married.  (No news if his marriage made him long for the jungle.  We’ll get back to you on that.)

I know.  You don’t believe me.  Right?  Sheesh

This is not a trick.  Honest.  The Flood Watch is a clue.  Really.  Thanks.

Maybe turn your attention to Lindsay Lohan for awhile.  She needs our prayers.  Big time.

Who knows?  Maybe she’ll become a nun.

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