Mule Camp Market Festival

Gainesville, Georgia, was formerly known as “Mule Camp Springs.”

According to one legend, the name was changed when men could not find wives who wanted to live in a place called “Mule Camp Springs” — not even on Hog Mountain Road — so they changed the name of our fair city to “Gainesville.”  (This also explains why many of the world’s most beautiful, intelligent and accomplished women “married down” just to live in a town called Gainesville.)

But I digress …

For the past 36 years Gainesville has celebrated our Appalachian heritage by showcasing local artisans, musicians, growers, crafty folks and cloggers each autumn.  Perhaps you remember when the festivities were known as the Corn Tassel Festival.  Now, it’s the Mule Camp Market Festival — or “Mule Camp.”

Much has changed over the years … and it’s all for the better.

This year’s Mule Camp begins on Friday, October 12th at 10 AM, thanks to the year-long efforts of the Gainesville Jaycees.  More than 15,000 people are expected to enjoy a day or two on our town square before things wrap up Sunday afternoon about 5 PM.

The weather will be perfect: Sunny with highs in the 70s and almost no chance of rain on our parade.

There are rumors that artists will be willing to accept mere money in exchange for their unique crafts and artwork that might someday be worth millions of dollars!  Remember, doubters, there was a time you could buy Rembrandt’s stuff for a few paltry farthings, bobs and/or quid.  Provide for future generations!  Buy artwork at Mule Camp!  (Your offspring will need all the help they can get to pay off the national debt we’re leaving them.)

Mule Camp Hours

Friday: 10 AM until 7 PM

Saturday: 10 AM until 7 PM with live music from 11 AM until 6 PM.  From 6:30 – 10:30 PM, Loco’s presents concerts by:

  • Twisted Whiskey
  • River Street and
  • Mid-life Crisis.

Sunday: Noon until 5-ish.

According to The Gainesville Times, vehicle traffic will be limited during Mule Camp beginning at 5 PM on Thursday, October 11th until about 10 PM on Sunday the 14th.

The following streets will be closed to vehicles:

  • Bradford Street, at alley behind north block of square
  • Main Street alley behind north block of square
  • Main Street at Broad Street
  • Spring Street at Green Street
  • Spring Street at Maple Street
  • Washington Street at Green Street
  • Washington Street at Maple Street.

The Main Street parking lot will NOT be available for public parking; however, the Georgia Mountains Center garage will be open.

Click Here for Mule Camp Info from the Jaycees

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