Fishing Guides on Lake Lanier

Fishing — alone on a misty morning or in a tournament with friends and foes — can be relaxing or maddening.  Catching fish is an art, not just a skill.  That’s part of what you’ll learn if you hire one of the exceptional fishing guides on Lake Lanier.

You can easily waste $75,000 on boats and gizmos to show you where the fish are on the lake.  You can have the slickest GPS and color fish finders that identify the types of fish that are near your boat and how far down they’re sitting.  That doesn’t mean you’ll catch anything.  That’s the maddening part.

A beauty on Lake Lanier. ~ Photo courtesy of Jimbo’s Spotted Bass Guide Service

I have seen small bays on Lake Lanier filled with giant stripers jumping, rolling and bursting out of the water … and never got a bite.  I’ve also landed stripers after a first random cast into water that I wouldn’t have believed would be fertile ground.

Buy a boat.  Max out your credit cards online, at sporting goods stores as big as some small towns, or in stinky shops around the lake.  Take your best shot.  Spit on your lures because your brother in law thinks that’s smart.

Then … when you are ready to learn how the Big Boys fish on Lake Lanier … buy some time with one of the most popular fishing guides on Lake Lanier.

Go for a half-day or for eight hours.  Go for stripers or smaller bass.  Treat a friend or loved one to a day on the water for unforgettable memories and excitement that they’ll never get from the fanciest ugly tie anyone ever gave anyone.

No, we cannot guarantee that you’ll have perfect weather, abundant fish or that you’ll learn enough to impress your brother-in-law.  We do believe you’ll learn more about catching fish than you’ll ever learn from your GPS or fish finder.

To compile this list, I contacted several fishing specialty shops on Lake Lanier and asked for the names of fishing guides.  The same thing you would do, if you were looking for a professional experience on Georgia’s greatest lake.  No doubt, other fine guides are available.  No offense intended.  We received no remuneration for adding anyone.

Fishing Guides on Lake Lanier in A-Z Order

Take your husband, wife, kids, pastor, neighbor, brother, sister, best friend or just yourself after a rough week.

You’ll never fish the same way ever again after a day with one of the artistic fishing guides on Lake Lanier.


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