Final Medal Counts at 2018 ICF Dragon Boat World Championship

We’re thankful for the press release sent to us by Lake Lanier Olympic Park Executive Director Robyn Lynch on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 regarding the final medal counts at the 2018 ICF Dragon Boat World Championship races held from September 13 through the 16th held on Lake Lanier.

And a good time was had by all …

Once again (but as always) I am proud to be an American!  The team with the most medals at this international regatta was the United States of America!

According to Robyn’s information …

The Local Organizing Committee for the 2018 ICF Dragon Boat World Championship reports a successful, international event hosting over 1,000 athletes and support staff from eleven countries at the first ICF Dragon Boat World Championship in the Americas … Visitors from around the world received our unprecedented Southern Hospitality and boosted our economy by an estimated $3 million, filling hotels, retail stores and restaurants across Gainesville-Hall County.

As when the Olympics were held on Lake Lanier, our friends with Lake Lanier Olympic Park made athletes and visitors from all around the world feel genuinely welcome.

The ancient sport of dragon boat racing can be traced back, according to organizers, “more than 2,000 years.”  Today, the sport combines international culture and our natural need for speed.  Teams, or crews, of either 10 or 20 individuals compete on courses of various lengths as they paddle to the beat of their boat’s drum.  It’s fantastic to watch and even more fun to participate.

You can learn this sport locally at the Lake Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club.  Are they worthy instructors?  Sure, you betcha!  Our local star paddlers were on America’s winning team!

The Lake Lanier Canoe/Kayak Club and the United States brought in the most medals with a total of 24, due to the strength and dignity of the Lake Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club.

Germany was a close second with 23 medals.  The Czech Republic came in third by scoring 20 medals.

Final Medal Counts by Country

Country                                Number of Medals

Canada                                 11 Medals / Gold (1); Silver (3); Bronze (7)

Czech Republic                  20 Medals / Gold (4); Silver (13); Bronze (3)

France                                    2 Medals / Gold (0); Silver (1); Bronze (1)

Germany                             23 Medals / Gold (16); Silver (5); Bronze (2)

Hungary                               18 Medals / Gold (6); Silver (6); Bronze (6)

Italy                                       10 Medals / Gold (2); Silver (4); Bronze (4)

Philippines                            9 Medals / Gold (5); Silver (2); Bronze (2)

Switzerland                          3 Medals / Gold (0); Silver (0); Bronze (3)

United States                    24 Medals / Gold (8); Silver (8); Bronze (8)

“I am thrilled with the outcome of the ICF Dragon Boat World Championships,” said Lake Lanier Olympic Park Executive Director Robyn Lynch.  “This event was a success due to the work of hundreds of volunteers, offering their time and expertise in planning and coordinating, as well as the City of Gainesville and area business sponsors.”

What’s left for our winning dragon boat team now that we’ve conquered the world?  We’re not sure, until life and dragon boat racing are discovered in strange new worlds and new civilizations around the galaxies.


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