Sheriffs Stumped by Prosthetic Leg

Our pals, the Hall County Sheriff’s Office Investigators, are asking for your help in solving the Mystery of the Prosthetic Leg!

Hall County Sheriffs Stumped by Prosthetic Leg

Curiosity is afoot among investigators who recovered a boat that had been stolen on Lake Lanier recently.

According to a Facebook post by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) dated September 18, 2018, one mysterious item found in the boat has them stumped: a prosthetic leg.

Not just any prosthetic leg, mind you.  This one also has a face scary enough to knock you off your feet.

The HCSO contacted the manufacturer of the device but the company’s response has them running around in circles.

While company personnel have the owner’s name, HIPAA regulations prevent them from disclosing it.  They did tell detectives that the owner is deceased.

The design on the fake leg has what investigators call “the distinct image of a skull.”  They hope that clue “could be instrumental in helping detectives learn where the leg and other items, all believed to be stolen, came from.  In addition to pointing to the rightful owners, new information would assist Investigators in deciding what type of theft charge(s) would apply to a suspect(s).”

We regret the demise of the person who once wore the mechanical leg.

Surely someone must know the person to whom it belonged.  If you have any information to offer authorities, please contact Investigator Doug Matthews at (678) 617-4628.

Please help the investigators with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office collect so much evidence that the perps won’t have a leg to stand on in court.


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