4th Annual Chattahoochee Mountain Music Festival

Don Carter State Park is a delightful place to spend a few hours or weeks near where the Chattahoochee River becomes the northern part of Lake Lanier.  Come and get acquainted with the park and its always friendly visitors at their 4th Annual Chattahoochee Mountain Music Festival.

The best volunteers in Georgia — the Friends of Don Carter State Park — have labored for weeks so that you will have a relaxing time enjoying an afternoon of live traditional mountain music on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

4th Annual Chattahoochee Mountain Music Festival ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

If your toes can’t take any more tapping, walk around and trade your germy paper money for precious handmade arts and crafts created just for you by talented artisans from near and far.

You’ll probably be tired after walking for several hundred feet and meeting so many fun folks.  Be sure to save a few bucks to feed the family delicious BBQ with all the fixins — that you don’t have to make.

Please Note:  Heavy doses of BBQ and Mountain Music have been known to cause eruptions of “Spontaneous Dancing.”  This strange syndrome is not life-threatening; in fact, it will probably add years to your life.  Thank you.

Should all the music, vendors, food, games and friendliness be too much for you, you are welcome to jump in the lake at the white sand beach at Don Carter State Park.

There other places you can go on Saturday, October 21, 2017.  There aren’t many places where you will enjoy life anywhere near as much as the 4th Annual Chattahoochee Mountain Music Festival at Don Carter State Park.

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