Rent a Kayak at Don Carter State Park

Rent a kayak at Don Carter State Park ~~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

You’re cordially invited to visit the only state park on Lake Lanier for swimming, boat launching or to rent a kayak for a few hours.

All is well after a brief warning about bacteria in the Chattahoochee, Lake Lanier’s primary tributary, near Don Carter State Park in early May of 2017.

On a recent visit to Don Carter, I met two ladies who had spent a few hours paddling around on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

They could have been sisters, but they were a mother and daughter duo in a kayak rented from the park.  They were a bit tired, but they happily related how easy it was to complete the rental agreement at the park office, drive down to the boat launch, unlock the door to their kayak and hit the water for a day of mother/daughter delight.

Their only advice to others?  “Head upwind at first, then you’ll have the wind at your back when you’re ready to come back.”  Yes, it’s easier to go with the flow.

Don Carter State Park has just the spot for you and your crew.  Rough it in a tent.  Roll your rock-star-sized RV into place.  Or, hit the big-time and rent a fully equipped, two-bedroom house above the water — with a well-stocked kitchen, a dandy sitting porch and comfy furniture inside.  The only thing you need to bring is a willingness to relax for a day or two.

Cabins at Don Carter State Park ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Please Note:  Sorry.  You cannot stay there forever.  You may return often, but you will have to go home occasionally.  Thank you.

Worried that the kids will get jumpy?  Pfft.  The rental houses have their own playground and boat ramp.  You’ll survive just fine.  Until it’s time to go home.  That might be tough.  Sorry.

There’s not enough room on the Internet to tell about all the joys that await at Don Carter.

You’ll have to see it for yourself … from a cabin or the beach or on a trail … or rent a kayak!

Take the Intro to Kayaking Class at Don Carter State Park on May 19th & 26th 2017!

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