Drift Atlanta at Road Atlanta is Insanely Fun

Drift Atlanta ~~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Promoting Drift Atlanta at Road Atlanta is like promoting the Running of the Bulls through expensive antique shops.  There aren’t many ways to waste more money more quickly than drifting.

Drift Atlanta presented by Papa John’s returns to Road Atlanta May 12-13, 2017, for a crazy good time.

What, you might ask, is drifting?  Well, squander your life savings and take out a reverse mortgage to buy a bazillion horsepowered real-life Matchbox car.

Strip out all the interior and throw it away.  Spend another jillion dollars on very cool graphics and even more on a new suspension.  Add a roll-bar that would protect you if you drove off the top floor of a parking garage and you’re just about done.

After that, you’ll only need a leather bodysuit (no, I don’t know how they go to the bathroom), fireproof gloves, a helmet that could save your life and a winning lottery ticket for extras, such as the tires you will burn out every four or five minutes.  Little things like that.

Drift Atlanta looks crazier than a Wally World parking lot. ~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Why would anyone do something that crazy?

Because a bazillion people (including more beautiful women than dwell in North Dakota, Wyoming, Wisconsin and Maine, combined) cheerfully pay to watch drifters swoop down the back straightaway into two, 90-degree turns, before drifting around a loop and heading back from whence they came.  In smoke … from their former tires.

What.  Could. Be. More. Fun.

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